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Want to sell your digital designs as physical products?

Your digital designs 3D printed on-demand in the market of your fans by independent makers

How does it work?

Create a Profile

Fill it with information about yourself and your digital designs which you'd like to offer as 3D printed products.

Share Your Profile

Let everybody know and invite your fans to buy physical products based on your digital designs.

We Handle Sales

Forget all the mundane tasks like customer support, order management, and the rest.

We Fulfill Your Orders

Makers 3D print and ship your items to your fans so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Get Paid

You and the makers get paid 14 days after the products are shipped to your fans.

Enable fans to easily buy your products

Forget the days of long back and forth across different channels to manage sales.

Make your products easily accessible to your fans, friends and family by sharing your personal profile on Vulkaza - a place where your fans can choose and purchase physical products based on your digital designs.

Focus on design while we take care of the rest

We take care of all mundane tasks related to order management, financials, 3D printing and shipping to your fans so you can do what you do best - create.

The best of all, it's completely free of charge for you. We only charge commission after a purchase has been made!

Provide jobs to independent makers globally

Your products are 3D printed by independent makers across the world. Just like you, makers are super passionate about 3D printing and your orders help to fill their printers with work.

Once your fans buy products, we pass the order for 3D printing to a local maker who 3D prints and ships items to your fans, all in the same country.​

Sustainability at the core. Distributed 3D printing in the closest proximity to your fans on demand is the most sustainable method of production.

Sustainability at the core

Distributed 3D printing in the closest proximity to your fans on demand is the most sustainable method of production.

No overproduction. No material waste. No global shipping.

This way together we are building a world where things are made where and when they are needed while also helping the world to achieve 5 of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals!

"When I met Ap at his work and he showed me what you can do with 3D printing and I kind of re-discovered the different aspects of the material also new sizes and how organic you could actually make things look with 3D printing. The coolest thing about 3D printing is that you have an idea in your mind and you can go really quickly from the idea from 3D object that I work with and really quickly see the results and you can get that tangible feeling, that thing was flat on the screen and now it’s there in your hands. It’s just a magical feeling."

17b, Rasmus Stride


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