His name is José Sáez, the creator of aslan3d products. This graduate in theology, immersed in a 3d world in a self-taught way. Standing out for quality and creativity.

9 products
Sale price$15.00 USD

7 colors available

Small Wine Bottle HolderSmall Wine Bottle Holder
Aslan3dSmall Wine Bottle Holder
Sale price$28.00 USD

8 colors available

Bomb Nintendo BowlBomb Nintendo Bowl
Aslan3dBomb Nintendo Bowl
Sale price$15.00 USD

7 colors available

Flexi FlyFlexi Fly
Aslan3dFlexi Fly
Sale price$12.00 USD

6 colors available

Cubone JoystickCubone Joystick
Aslan3dCubone Joystick
Sale price$30.00 USD

5 colors available

Charizard JoystickCharizard Joystick
Aslan3dCharizard Joystick
Sale price$25.00 USD

3 colors available

Planter With ShoesPlanter With Shoes
Aslan3dPlanter With Shoes
Sale price$12.00 USD

11 colors available

Flexi GorillaFlexi Gorilla
Aslan3dFlexi Gorilla
Sale price$19.00 USD

3 colors available

Flexi OrangutanFlexi Orangutan
Aslan3dFlexi Orangutan
Sale price$18.00 USD

4 colors available