I was obsessed with creating even as a child. I spent most of my childhood in my great-grandfather's workshop helping furnishing our home. I always wanted to create the best so I dedicated my studies to design. I studied across fields from graphic design, through industrial, jewelery to interior design. And thanks to this, I designed exhibitions and installations, products for companies, founded an eyewear company, was the creative director of a furniture company and also won public competitions for urban furniture for Prague.

Boem is not my birth name, we chose it with my wife Tereza before our daughter Zoe was born. Not only do the two words sound nice together, but it comes from the place we were born - Boemia. Although I love to travel and discover new things, I value heritage. My work is not strictly going in one direction. Less is more and at the same time less is bore. Creating and living both helps strengthen logic and emotions. These values are reflected in boem products.

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Watering CanWatering Can
BoemWatering Can
Sale price$80.00 USD
Bring On The RingsBring On The Rings
BoemBring On The Rings
Sale priceFrom $30.00 USD
Bow TieBow Tie
BoemBow Tie
Sale priceFrom $150.00 USD

1 color available

Bottle OpenerBottle Opener
BoemBottle Opener
Sale price$20.00 USD
Sale price$80.00 USD
Hold The PhoneHold The Phone
BoemHold The Phone
Sale price$100.00 USD
Art in Paradise - Painted VaseArt in Paradise - Painted Vase
BoemArt in Paradise - Painted Vase
Sale price$333.00 USD
Art in Paradise - Sketched VaseArt in Paradise - Sketched Vase
Meringue VaseMeringue Vase
BoemMeringue Vase
Sale price$200.00 USD

4 colors available