Why 3D-printing?

3D-Printing makes it possible to produce excellent products locally, rather than mass-producing them and shipping them from China.

All products you see on Vulkaza are designed by independent Creators so you can support these designers with your purchase.

Once you buy a product, it will be made in your neighborhood by a certified Vulkaza producer.

All our products are made using only recycled and circular materials, so you can shop with good conscience.

Giovanni Pellone

Mars Jewellery Container

Playful and irresistibly personable: a stand that turns upside down to become a holder or ring stand, a container perfect for small objects or jewellery, and an elegant lid to top it all off.

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Made by a global network of certified 3D printing makers


3D printed next to you to reduce time, cost and CO2 emissions


No overproduction, no waste, local delivery, plant-based materials


Designed by independent artisans, artist and designers

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