Company logos to inspire togetherness during a pandemic

Company logos to inspire togetherness during a pandemic

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Each company has an internal culture unique to its values, mission, and best practices. It’s what connects employees despite all the diversity typical to any workplace. The pandemic and the work-from-home necessity put barriers where none should be.

This reality was brought to our attention when a Norwegian company approached us to help them with an internal branding campaign when the pandemic compelled their workforce to collaborate remotely.

Top management was well aware of work-from-home challenges, isolation being the most difficult. So, they thought of gifting each employee with a 3D company logo that they could place on their home office desk. It served several purposes - a reminder that they were not alone, an indicator of the space designated for work, and a connection shared with colleagues.

While it was a bright idea, they soon discovered it wasn’t easy or cost-effective to execute. Manufacturing companies required a minimum order (thousands!) for customized items such as the one they had in mind. Plus, the materials they used were not eco-friendly.

Fortunately, they found Vulkaza.

We ticked off every requirement on their list. Our on-demand 3D printing technology can produce orders from one to infinity. Without needing injection-molded templates or printed-out designs, we delivered super fast as well. Most importantly, we used plant-based plastic. All these at very affordable prices!

Today, each employee of the company boasts a customized company logo sitting comfortably and beautifully on the table of their home office. Everyone thinks it’s both fun and cool with the shape and colors. Yes, the logos are a replica of the one hanging on the wall of their office lobby.

As for the top management, not much effort was necessary to make it possible. The Vulkaza team took care of production, packaging, and delivery.

This type of product, designed in different ways, has the potential to serve various businesses as well. For instance, event management companies can use them as nameplates on tables for weddings, conferences, and other similar functions.

Customizability presents endless possibilities in size, design, and colors according to the occasion. The best part? Whether it's a colleague, visitor, family member, everyone gets a cool, personalized souvenir!

Don't have a 3D printer and would like to sell your outstanding ideas or maybe create a unique gift for someone? Drop us a line here.

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