The cybertruck: the ultimate jumping on trend machine

The cybertruck: the ultimate jumping on trend machine

In our digital age, when trends sweep the world in minutes and fade just as quickly, sellers must be quick to the draw.

Movies, sports, politics, NFTs, digital trends, and scientific inventions spawn a horde of fans all too eager to replicate their favorite character and object for their personal collections. Clever entrepreneurs capitalize on this frenzy by manufacturing all sorts of stuff, from cell phone rings and keychains to face masks and toys.

hose who strike while the proverbial iron is hot are the ones who succeed. The rest are left wringing their hands while the opportunity passes them by.

Such is the case with the Tesla Cybertruck replica with the customer’s personal reservation number, which one of our clients sold just the day after the vehicle was launched. Vulkaza made it happen.

Our innovative 3D printing technology is capable of producing objects on-demand hours after a trend is born. It is ideal for business owners with no capital to afford a large inventory and no warehouse to keep a large stock. Not to mention time to market.

So, our client ordered one Tesla Cybertruck with a reservation number imprinted in front. We 3D printed it, delivered it the next day, and he posted a photo of it on Reddit immediately.

Within minutes, he received five orders!

Today, Hot Wheels and Radio Control Cybertrucks are widely available. But at that time, our client’s version was the only one in existence. And he was able to capture the market way ahead of the competition. In various customized colors like white, silver, and green, to boot.

Vulkaza took care of production, packaging, and delivery. We printed as our client’s orders came in, thus eliminating the need for inventory and investment.

The client’s next project was Squid Game masks for Halloween. There was no other way to produce them quickly enough to meet the demand except for 3D printing. And we’re talking high quality, durable products made with eco-friendly plant-based plastic.

It was another success story, prompting a transformation of his business model, from ordering short-lived products from overseas that took three weeks to arrive. Our 3D printing gave him everything he needed, on-demand. With the ability to scale up in a snap, this is even better than retail arbitrage!

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