Cardholders with company logos

Cardholders with company logos

For a brief period during the early days of Vulkaza, we had our printers and ran operations from Oslo Public Library. It was a perfect place for us to show off the 3D printing technology and what it is capable of. In return for the shelter, we designed and 3D-printed cardholders for the library’s employees, featuring their logo and colors.

What we didn't know was that our act of generosity born from a deep sense of gratitude would open doors we would never have imagined. Word got around, and we found ourselves printing keycard holders for the employees of the government of Norway. Who’d have thought, right?

We rolled up our sleeves and began the task of designing and printing the Norwegian Lion (the country’s royal national animal) on cardholders. To everyone’s surprise, our advanced 3D printing technology came through, and the output was gorgeous! No matter the shape, size, or color, we could customize any design.

We’re pleased to share that government client were thrilled with our high-quality, durable, and eco-friendly plant-based plastic. They also admired our quick turnaround time and that we took care of production, packaging, and delivery. But the best part of our service, according to them, is our ability to produce non-generic items, which means they receive their orders looking exactly as the onscreen image they approved.

Our on-demand 3D printing services do more than just delight—they allow companies to explore opportunities while remaining cost-effective.

It’s true. We don’t require a minimum of hundreds or thousands of units per order. This means that our clients need not worry about investing a huge amount or needing space to stock the inventory.

To be hired by the employees of the secretary of public administration in Norway is a major milestone for Vulkaza! These keycard holder examples pave the way to become one of our top-selling items, particularly among merchandise companies and companies direct.

Don't have a 3D printer or would like to sell your outstanding ideas? Drop us a line here.

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