3D printed Christmas decor

3D printed Christmas decor

It all started with Ap's wife asking to make some unique Scandinavian-style eco-friendly Christmas decorations.

With so many Christmas decorations available in stores, designing something unique is a tough challenge.

Yet Ap managed to tick all the boxes! His design was inspired by the Scandinavian Christmas trees. Adding a unique twist to make the design easily 3D printable was a piece of cake.


Ticking the eco-friendliness box was especially easy due to the properties of 3D printing. Unlike other means of production, there is no material waste with 3D printing. Using only plant-based material that is carbon neutral and especially Wood PLA screams and shouts sustainability. While we don't encourage using things once, if you have to discard Christmas decor after a single use, they better be made of Wood or other PLAs.

The unique design of these eco-3D printed Christmas trees quickly gained popularity amongst Ap's family and wife's colleagues with over 50 sets sold in less than 2 weeks before Christmas 2020. They continue to gain traction in 2021 as well.

In true Christmas spirit, here you can download the 3D model files to add Scandinavian decor to your home.

Don't have a 3D printer or would like to sell these Christmas trees? Drop us a line here.

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