The truth about 3D PRINTING ART in 2 minutes

The truth about 3D PRINTING ART in 2 minutes

You may ask yourself when did 3D printing become so popular in the circle of artists, the answer is simple- in the last few years. It has become a popular form of artistic expression. Artists use their creativity to further their thoughts and help us see things from a fresh perspective. 3D printing, in a similar vein, has already shattered limitations in several sectors of design and manufacturing.

Now, what is the benefit of it? That being said, 3D printing offers enterprises and consumers a wide range of technical, economic, and social benefits as a “tool-less” and digital approach to production. It has potential to shift the manufacturing paradigm away from mass production in centralized factories constrained by tooling and low-cost labor rates, toward a world of mass personalization and distributed manufacture, where the location of production is determined by demand demographics rather than supply economics. 

What’s more, as a digital technology, 3D printing is increasingly being integrated with the Internet and other digital data sources such as human body scanning ( crazy isn’t it?), computer gaming, and photogrammetry, allowing consumers to participate directly in the product design process and allowing for true consumer product personalization rather than just customization via pre-defined options.

The best part is that 3D printing offers a variety of niches to establish a profitable business. Knowing the exact details for setting up the foundations for each niche will require more specific research. For instance, going into a niche filled with gaming enthusiasts, and developing 3D print characters from a popular game like world of warcraft, would definitely spark up the interest of gamers, and result in a profitable enterprise, same goes to interior designers and many other niches.

As mentioned above, 3D printed art is a renaissance of endless creative possibilities, allowing artists and designers to use technology to capture their vision. Furthermore, newer 3D printers have fewer design constraints. 3D printing is on the verge of surpassing human imagination’s capability.


Each day 3D printing art continues growing, new applications for 3D printing technology are being discovered on a daily, despite the fact that 3D printing art and modeling is still in its infancy. 3D printing has already been employed by visionary and futuristic artists and creative professionals to create art installations, modern sculptures, video game characters, custom game inspired art – the possibilities and immense benefits are unlimited!

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