Vulkaza is now 3 co-founders strong

Vulkaza is now 3 co-founders strong

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We're building the next sustainable manufacturing revolution.

What started back in March 2020 when hospitals and care facilities ran out of protective gear has now evolved into a 3D print-on-demand service powered by a global network of makers.

Thanks to Antler, an early-stage VC’s program Alf Petter Mossevig has met Odeta Iseviciute and Øyvind Byhring, and together we are now building the next manufacturing revolution!

We are a diverse and complementary team that believes in the future where products are made where and when they are needed!

Before establishing Vulkaza, Alf Petter Mossevig has accrued expertise in hardware and software development, business development, product management, solution architecture, and lately 3D printing. As the Corona crisis hit the world, Ap played a key role in printing and delivering a significant part of the 40 000 protective face shields to hospitals and care homes around Norway. 3D-printing and the makers’ community are in his DNA.

With multiple startups and a career in a marketing agency under her belt, Odeta Iseviciute adds experience in marketing, sales, business strategy, product development, and business operations. Her latest experience in e-commerce and digitization added an insight that lead us in defining a unique model for utilizing 3D printers. Odeta is also a judge and a mentor at WSA and Red Bull Basement programs, and a TEDx organizer.

With a master's in Interactive Design Øyvind Byhring is our tech-guru who has built software for successful startups. He was the first employee of Poio which was bought by Kahoot! in 2019. His skills lie in interactive design, front and b development, building apps as well as leading teams. Øyvind is especially good at finding and connecting digital solutions that have been built to save time, resources, and money on software development.

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