Aplaste Pot
Aplaste Pot
Aplaste Pot
Aplaste Pot

Ezequiel Fiorito

Aplaste Pot

Sale price$80.00 USD

Sold by your favorite creator Ezequiel Fiorito.
3D-printed locally by independent makers.


Aplaste pot attracts with its striking shape. The curves and rounded structure generate sensations of fluidity, lightness and delicacy. It looks great in any type of space. Includes a draining plate so you can place the pot in the place you want.


Large size: outer dimension: 218mm (diameter) x 207mm (height); inner dimension:

155mm (diameter) x 202mm (height); drain plate dimension: 169mm (diameter) x 35mm (height);

Small size: outer dimension: 126mm (diameter) x 120mm (height); inner dimension:
89mm (diameter) x 118mm (height); drain plate dimension: 98mm (diameter) x 25mm (height)


Product awarded for Good Design Label 2022 (Argentina)