Aplaste Duo Vase
Aplaste Duo Vase
Aplaste Duo Vase


Aplaste Duo Vase

Sale price$50.00 USD

3D-printed using recyclable, plant-based materials. 30-day money-back guarantee.


The shapes of the two vases complement each other. Includes 2 models. One with a high belly and the other with a low belly. It looks great in any type of space. You can combine the colors you like.

Also you can insert a cylinder-shaped glass container (not included). Water is not poured directly. At the base of the model there is a hole so that you can easily remove the container that you put inside.


Outer dimension:

116mm (diameter) x 220mm (height)

Inner dimension:

65mm (diameter) x 176mm (height)


Product awarded for Good Design Label 2022 (Argentina)