Hi Everyone! I'm Elia, a young Italian 3D printing geek who also happens to be a mechanical engineer! I've been designing 3D printable stuff and never -NEVER- get enough of it.

I'm 25 and passionate about anything is technology-related. What I found in 3D printing is the possibility to express my designing creativity and to convert it in phisical form.

I've been designing and 3D printing on demand for years now, and never stopping to learn!

I eventually got graduated and got my first job...Any guess?

Well...my job happens to be deeply 3D printing related too! I stopped just designing 3D printable stuff...and started designing 3D printers too! LOVE THAT.

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Peeing Baby Succulent VasePeeing Baby Succulent Vase
Peeing Baby Succulent Vase
Sale price$25.00 USD
Hex - The 3D printed desk organizerHex - The 3D printed desk organizer
Hex - The 3D printed desk organizer
Sale price$19.00 USD

8 colors available