Boby Green Creations

Boby Green Creations

Boby Green Creations stands for fascination of animal evolution, invention, curiosity, no support structures, print-in-place.

Since it has always been my dream to create toys I am very exited being able to make it finally happen. Now that I am a father of two children I am just in time to fulfill their dreams.

In my opinion invention of print-in-place 3D designs without the need of support is not an invention at all. It's more like a discovery of what is possible in the nature of 3D printing.

These creatures are loved by everyone who has played with them once.

Being unconvinced by the existing print-in-place joints (just about 2 different ones) I decided to design my own joints. Even at tiny sizes they stay strong.

Have a nice time!

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Red Bluster (The Sea Beast)Red Bluster (The Sea Beast)
Boby Green CreationsRed Bluster (The Sea Beast)
Sale price$14.00 USD

1 color available

Flexible StarfishFlexible Starfish
Boby Green CreationsFlexible Starfish
Sale priceFrom $16.80 USD

7 colors available