I am an automation engineer, who found his way into 3D-printing a few years ago. At first i only printed community made parts for fun, but soon started creating my own stuff and kept challenging myself to get better at 3D-designing. I mostly make print in place mechanisms, since these kind of prints fascinate me the most, because they show the true power of 3D-printing

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Hanging PlanterHanging Planter
Hanging Planter
Sale price$31.00 USD
Geared Flower BoxGeared Flower Box
Geared Flower Box
Sale price$29.00 USD

10 colors available

Geared Heart Gift BoxGeared Heart Gift Box
Geared Heart Gift Box
Sale price$35.00 USD

9 colors available

Geared Iris Dice BoxGeared Iris Dice Box
Geared Iris Dice Box
Sale price$68.00 USD

4 colors available

Geared Locking BoxGeared Locking Box
Geared Locking Box
Sale price$30.00 USD

7 colors available