Joining the global network of 3D makers. An interview with Vegard Fladby

Joining the global network of 3D makers. An interview with Vegard Fladby and Vulkaza are bringing 3D printed custom gifts to businesses Reading Joining the global network of 3D makers. An interview with Vegard Fladby 4 minutes Next Stephen Covic’s Interior Design Creations

Many 3D makers are still not leveraging their capabilities in order to profit from their 3D printers. That became clear following the first COVID-19 pandemic outbreak when 3D makers from all around the world united to create face shields for the organizations that needed them the most. However, following this admirable initiative, almost all 3D printers went back to sitting idle and gathering dust. One of the 3D makers who experienced this scenario of letting his 3D printers sit idle was the CEO of Vulkaza. At that time, he realized that this scenario couldn't continue and that there had to be a way to use all of these 3D printers. That’s when Vulkaza was born.

Right now, Vulkaza works with a growing number of 300+ local 3D printing facilities across the main e-commerce markets. In addition to enabling 3D makers everywhere to generate money using their skills, this manufacturing method also makes production more sustainable because everything is produced locally and from plant-based materials.

if you are still uncertain about the possibilities, take a seat and read the interview we have prepared with one of our incredible 3D makers, Vegard Fladby.

Q: When and from where did you first learn about Vulkaza?

A: I had been in contact with AP during COVID-19 and the "Makers against COVID"-Facebook Group. So he introduced me to Vulkaza during its startup, and I'm happy he did!

Q: How is your experience with Vulkaza so far?

A: Very good. I have had a lot of good chats with Vulkaza’s CEO AP and COO Odeta during the different stages of production and so on. What can I say is that it's starting to get really streamlined now. The app that Vulkaza has for 3D makers also helps a lot and makes it easier.

Q: What would you consider Vulkaza's greatest advantages and disadvantages to be?

A: The greatest advantage I would say is that Vulkaza is a platform that gathers a bunch of makers together and gets quite the good spread of different experienced makers that are excellent in their own field. The greatest disadvantage I would say might be that there are a lot of different 3D printers and experience levels by the producers so the quality might not be the same each time and especially when multiple makers make the same product.

Q: Working with Vulkaza, is it possible to make money?

A: Yes, definitely it is! Well, maybe not so much on the statues and the "delicate" products, as they take more time and have a bigger possibility to fail. But these products are good to "fill" the print-time with so that the printers do not just stay there unused.

Q: How does it feel to be a part of the global 3d maker’s network and to be adding value to a revolutionizing manufacturing method?

A: Just simply awesome! I really like what Vulkaza is doing and I hope this will really take off :)

It was wonderful to speak with one of our 3D makers, Vegard, and learn about his experiences working with Vulkaza, both the positive and negative aspects. We hope that this interview piece will assist more 3D makers in making decisions.

We are delighted about the 3D maker's network that is expanding daily. The future holds just as much, if not more, excitement as the present.

If you're tired of staring at your unused 3D printer and think that now is the moment to take action in order to join our growing network of 3D makers, get in touch with us now. Let's launch that movement together around the globe!

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