and Vulkaza are bringing 3D printed custom gifts to businesses and Vulkaza are bringing 3D printed custom gifts to businesses

“’s mission is to provide our clients with an all-in-one solution to their promotional merchandising needs. Gifting is all about creating a personal connection and Vulkaza will enable our clients to create something totally unique.
We strongly respect Vulkaza’s focus on sustainability, opting to use biodegradable plant-based plastics and creating made-to-order items instead of sitting on inventory. We also appreciate their forward-thinking approach which employs a global 3D printing network and enables fast distribution and production. All these make us extremely excited about this new partnership.” - Dena Rothstein, VP Merchandising and Global Sourcing

How many times have you received corporate gifts and merchandise that ended up in the trash bin or gathering dust in a corner of your home? is all too familiar with this scenario and is always looking to revolutionize promotional gifting with its online platform.

With thousands of gift choices such as gift baskets, drinkware, apparel, wellness gifts, and more, has helped cultivate a more personal and caring work environment through convenient business gifts for over thousands of companies ranging from local legal firms to titans like SAP, Facebook, and KPMG.

The company is more than just an online retailer with a wide array of gift choices. It offers an end-to-end platform that makes corporate gifting more transparent, manageable, accessible, and convenient with its unique solutions and services.

Here are some examples:

  • eGifts can be sent and received through SMS, email, and even social networks enabling recipients to redeem a gift of their choice.

  • lets you keep an inventory of swag and gifts with them in a “virtual swag closet” for on-demand fulfillment. This can be easily viewed, managed, and monitored by the client.

  • They offer concierge services to help customers find the perfect company gifts.

  • Multiple integration options are available to users with CRM (customer relationship management), HRMS, and other core business platforms, enabling an easy click-and-send process.

After partnering with Vulkaza for its international 3D printing network and custom product ideas, will be better able to deliver unique, customized products on-demand on a global scale. Because of Vulkuza’s wide network, can further expand its product catalog across international markets without the hassle of cross-country shipping.

Some of the initial items that Vulkaza 3D prints for include:

Joining Forces With Vulkaza is Vulkaza’s largest customer and partner thus far. The collaboration is understandable and practical given that Vulkaza aims to break into the biggest e-commerce markets such as the US, Canada, and the UK — regions where already has a substantial client base.

Vulkaza also regards this as a huge opportunity to continue reshaping the 3D printing future. Currently, there is a lot of potential for 3D printing to become more widely used, especially given the problems with supply chains. And, while 3D printing has some ways to go before it becomes top of mind for e-commerce and corporate merchandise companies (something that Vulkaza hopes to change), the partnership is a step in the right direction. Vulkaza co-founder Odeta Iseviciute expresses her enthusiasm about the alliance: “We're super excited that such an innovative and well-established company like is interested in and trusts 3D printing to provide products for their customers.” Credible and established companies like are helping Vulkaza bring bestselling 3D printed products into the hands of more people.

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