Vase Design 03.2 - Linear
Vase Design 03.2 - Linear
Vase Design 03.2 - Linear

ATOM Engineering

Vase Design 03.2 - Linear

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3D-printed using recyclable, plant-based materials. 30-day money-back guarantee.


Introducing the Vase Series

Consisting of 3 custom-designed vases, each with its unique form factor. Designs come in two configurations as well, Spline and Linear, each with a small, medium, and large. Resulting in a total of 18 elegant designs perfect for any application. Display the vase as a dramatic receptacle for fresh botanicals or simply display the 3D printed vase on its own.


  • S: 72mm x 72mm x 150mm
  • M: 84mm x 84mm x 174mm
  • L: 120mm x 120mm x 248mm