Fuzzy X Arch Sculpture
Fuzzy X Arch Sculpture

Stephen Covic

Fuzzy X Arch Sculpture

Sale price$35.50 USD

3D-printed using recyclable, plant-based materials. 30-day money-back guarantee.


A trendy Doma Decor design with a twist for those seeking authenticity and novelty infused with rustic Mediterranean tradition. Fuzzy X Arch will enhance any minimalist style space from home or office to restaurant, co-working, or any other space.

The X Arch can be used as a shelf, table, or an open space decor, or can serve a purpose. Add little decorative flowers or dried blooms into the open space of the X Arch and you’ve got a trendy vase reflecting the season.

The X Arch is made locally, on-demand from sustainable materials by local makers who are passionate about what they do, and 3D print each object with love and attention.


Made locally by local makers to minimize the carbon emission of shipping.

Made specifically for you after the purchase reducing manufacturing waste.

Made from bioplastic that is carbon-neutral and friendly to the environment.


Size: 99mm x 41mm x 156mm