Disney Cookie Cutters - Daisy
Disney Cookie Cutters - Daisy
Disney Cookie Cutters - Daisy


Disney Cookie Cutters - Daisy

Sale price$11.00 USD

3D-printed using recyclable, plant-based materials. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Color:Light Blue

For all the Disney fans.. This is part of a Disney Set, so be sure to check out our other designs.

Each cookie cutter has a 10mm blade with a width of 0.8mm for neat cutting of dough. (Playdough too!)

It has a strong base of 2mm x 3 mm around the edges and reinforcement bars where appropriate. Remember to never wash in a dishwasher, hand wash in lukewarm water.

Approx. dimensions (H x W):

Head: 105mm x 65mm

Body: 85mm x 75mm

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