Custom Bike Silhouette
Custom Bike Silhouette
Custom Bike Silhouette


Custom Bike Silhouette

Sale price$40.00 USD

3D-printed using recyclable, plant-based materials. 30-day money-back guarantee.


The custom Bike silhouette is a piece of wall art that is designed by hand directly from a picture of a bike of your election.

Once I receive the picture, I will start with the design and contact you for feedback. This way, you can participate in the design and be sure the final silhouette has the essence of your car. You can also put your car's name with no additional cost.

The final design will then be printed in a final size of 20 - 25 cm long (the width in proportion) and 4 mm thickness.

This kind of product is perfect for wall or cristal decoration.

The order includes:

- The final design as Digital Art

- A physical print of the design with the specified dimensions

- Full participation in the designing process

Here I present some examples of different customers silhouettes.