A Modular Lighting System

Project Molecule

by Atom engineering

Introducing Project Molecule - A Modular Lighting System

Crafted through the fusion of 3D printing and a standard Ikea HAVSRIS lighting system, Project Molecule allows you to mix and match three primary components — accents, shades, and diffusers. Additionally the accent and shade components come in three variations — smooth, linear, and spline. Allowing you to achieve a personalized look. 
Project Molecule invites you to unleash your creativity and design your own lighting masterpiece. With our product, you become the architect of a space that truly represents your style and personality. With options to choose from a wide range of designs in a multitude of beautiful colors. All manufactured with high quality matte finish materials, providing that conventional consumer goods product level of surface finish and appearance.  

Please keep in mind that any smooth variants won't perfectly align with linear or spline variants.

For assembly instructions please see the guide.