Aletas Vase
Aletas Vase
Aletas Vase
Aletas Vase

Creaserra Studio

Aletas Vase

Sale price$40.00 USD

3D-printed using recyclable, plant-based materials. 30-day money-back guarantee.


The Aletas Vase is an exclusive piece from the "32 Vases" collection, embodying the natural essence of fish fins.

This design explores and adapts to the forms and possibilities offered by 3D printing, making it an ideal decorative piece. It's not just a visual delight, but also a functional vase where you can place flowers or any other items of your choice. It harmoniously marries technology through additive manufacturing with sustainability, as it is made from recycled materials.

Constructed from PLA (bioplastic), the vase is both water and shock resistant. It can hold soil for planting purposes, but avoid waterlogging as this could potentially cause leaks. It's advisable to keep the vase away from heat sources that could melt it; however, exposure to sunlight isn't an issue.


XL: 26x19.5x19.5cm / 10x8x8"

M: 20x15x15cm / 8x6x6"