Rasmus Strides dreams took on a physical reality, Vol. 1

Rasmus Strides dreams took on a physical reality, Vol. 1

Rasmus Stride, a Norwegian artist who creates digital art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), is a perfect example of how combining art and technology can produce something innovative, valuable, and beautiful.

Using Vulkaza’s 3D print-on-demand technology, Rasmus longed to showcase what daydreams meant to him in artistic physical form. Since 3D printing has the ability to translate abstract ideas into tangible works of art, it was an ideal collaboration that brought together Rasmus’ artistry and Vulkaza’s technical capabilities.

After coming across our work on Johnny Hurts’ Instagram, Rasmus got in touch with Vulkaza CEO Ap Mossevig. Rasmus expressed his desire to create interior design pieces for a design faire in Oslo. Vulkaza would supply the 3D printers while Rasmus would create the designs.

The fair was eventually canceled but Rasmus wanted to continue exploring 3D-printed designs for another exhibition he was part of, called Daydreams. Vulkaza’s technology enabled him to create graceful pieces like the Daydream OBJKT 2 where each edition had an NFT version. Contemporary Norwegian curator Noovoi describes the piece as “…physical and ephemeral, solid and digital, but ultimately a manifestation of cognition and art.”

While working with Rasmus, we got to talking about his ideas and thought processes. During a particular conversation, he shared how he thought artists differed from interior designers. According to Rasmus, both are in the profession of creating spaces. Artists create experiences for people visiting museums while interior designers use items to define home spaces and create a feeling there. He explained that different items can evoke very different emotions.

Vulkaza is excited to be helping artists like Rasmus take their art to new heights. Unlike traditional manufacturing processes, 3D printing doesn’t entail significant investment and maintaining inventory, making it a perfect fit for artists and their creations. After explaining to artists how our 3D printers work and letting them feel the different materials, it's inspiring to see them create pieces that we could never have imagined.

In Rasmus’ case, he didn’t just create a physical and personal representation of daydreams. He used our 3D printers to stretch his creative muscles as a digital artist and saw himself becoming an artist/designer with real-life physical sculptures.

In addition to turning artistic concepts into physical creations, Vulkaza also helps artists like Rasmus develop unique business models so that they can earn income from their art. Hand in hand, we continue to work with Rasmus, making his dreams and artistic ideas tangible realities. His next 3D printed art exhibition takes place on June 25 at Glasmagasinet, Oslo. Indeed, it’s an exciting time for Vulkuza and artists like Rasmus to be part of the art world as new developments enable technology and art to intersect.

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