HOT trending 3D print on demand products on Etsy in July 2022

HOT trending 3D print on demand products on Etsy in July 2022

The 4th of July and Back to School discounts, together with Amazon's Prime Day event, make July a significant month for promotions.

Everyone wants to be the best, and sell "one of a kind.’’ However, achieving these objectives, in reality, is incredibly challenging and the "one of a kind" quickly becomes monotonous due to the fact that practically every retailer offers the same things. Luckily, with 3D print on demand, it's easy to find distinctive goods that can't be made using any other kind of manufacturing method, so you can easily stand out.

The best aspect is that, if you can't find anything, you can always come up with your own idea and build a product from scratch.

This time, we have prepared a list of the top-trending products on Etsy during July:

1. Lamp with 3D Printed Pleated Lampshade

Aside from becoming quite popular this July, 3D-printed lamp shades also create gorgeous home accessories. Any of your customers' rooms would look gorgeous with these lamps in them! They would undoubtedly inject some life into their space to make it more creative and fashionable.

2. Topless miniature

Do you think this sculpture would be popular with your audience? It is a risk-taking sculpture that is suggestive of the flavors of summer and the attractiveness of a woman.

3. 2 in 1 bowl

Everyone has probably occasionally felt annoyed when they had to go get two plates for things like sunflower seeds, nuts, and so forth. With this bowl's two-in-one design, it is possible to put leftovers inside and serve snacks on top. Just like that.

4. Custom 3D printed crocs spikes

These best-selling spikes from July will be the ideal fit for anyone who enjoys wearing something out of the usual or making ordinary clothing and shoes look extraordinary.

5. Survivor party pack

Well, who’s not ready to have fun? Whether someone is hosting a Season 41 watch party, or their own family survival game, honoring a birthday, or searching for something to do... These party packs are the ideal choice!

6. Goose key holder magnetic

These holders are currently the most sought-after 3D-printed item in July and are likely to remain so in June as well. Undoubtedly a distinctive key holder. It will provide a touch of summer to anyone’s interior design, especially if a person adores animals.

8. Customizable round soapbox

It is more applicable to women who feel irritated every time they enter the bathroom and discover soap dumped on the shelf because their husbands did. With this soap holder, any bathroom will become more organized.

9. Keychain with removable screw top pill box

Incredible keychain bottles. No wonder why they are hot-selling, just look at them… And the best part is that it can be opened, allowing the owner to pour something inside!

10. Clay Cutters

Various forms can be created by working with this polymer clay. That is a wonderful home décor feature because it is both useful and stunning on the table.

We hope you were able to discover something interesting and cool to possibly include in your store's catalog and delight your customers. If so, sign up here, and let's work together to produce great products that make a ton of customers happy.

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