Gaming terrain: from your screen to your hands

Gaming terrain: from your screen to your hands

Wouldn’t it be superbly fantastic if customizing your game assets with 3D printing were possible?

This was exactly what brought our CEO, Ap, to 3D printing. As a miniature game enthusiast, he always had specific visions for what his gaming table and miniatures should look like. Over the years, he has spent years researching and ordering miniatures coming from England, Italy, Spain, and Greece.

For the latest table, he wanted to build something unique - It was the Badlands, one of the places he visited in World of Warcraft. The challenge was creating the physical versions of the terrain for the Salamanders and White Scars to battle it out. Looking through all available gaming and miniature creation companies, none could supply the pieces as Ap envisioned.

Finally, he decided to start 3D printing his whole world of miniatures himself. To say Ap was amazed would be an understatement! He was fascinated that 3D printing could produce physical objects exactly as they appear on the computer screen, bridging the digital to physical boundary.

Today, Ap and his Gaming Group boast a highly customized game table with signposts bearing their designed logo. The six miniature wargaming buddies also had their army of toy soldiers battling on a custom terrain specific to their preferences.

So now Vulkaza provides on-demand 3D printing services, which means that gaming enthusiasts no longer need to order big batches each time to save on shipping fees from overseas. We also make products more affordable by using eco-friendly plant-based plastic. They’re also readily accessible as we collaborate with manufacturers near you. Yes, you’ll receive your pieces in less than a week, all ready to be painted and played with.

Miniature gaming is a huge global phenomenon. Weekend expositions witness tens of thousands of gamers coming together to compete.

With so many games available on the market, Vulkaza helps aficionados up their game (pun intended) by offering customized gaming terrain 3D printing of structures and components.

Do you want to turn your game into a physical object? Drop us a line here.

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