Customizable 3D printed kids' buckets

Customizable 3D printed kids' buckets

When Martyna approached us with her idea of launching a customized product line for kids, we knew we could help her make it work.

When we got in touch, what struck a chord with her was our approach to production. She was delighted to find that all the work of producing and shaping the product was managed here at Vulkaza. All she had to do was work on her product design, color selection, and other marketing tasks.

Our first collaboration with Martyna was to create a bucket. Martyna was looking to build a bucket that could last for a long time while handling everyday wear and tear, was made with sustainable materials, and offered customization.

So, we 3D printed a demo item and sent it to Martyna so she could focus on what she does best: take awesome pictures and create engaging stories to share with her followers on her social media channels.

We then 3D printed, packaged, and shipped products on-demand for Martyna after her customers had completed purchases. There is zero upfront investment or inventory required with us, and there is no need to worry about shipping and delivery needs. We take all the hassle away from running an e-commerce business, and we happily take care of production and fulfillment.

The production of Martyna’s buckets was quite challenging in the beginning. After all, it’s commonly believed that outdoor products made out of plant-based plastic wouldn’t work. And sure enough, our initial product had to go through multiple tests and trials. But after several iterations, we were able to create a bucket that could stand the test of time.

The bucket we made is sturdy enough to withstand long months of rain, snow, and sunshine. Although it’s not a large bucket, it’s perfect for small kids to carry sand and hold fish crabs.

Our 3D printing approach ensures that all our design, production, and selling strategies are rooted in sustainability. We do not offer cross-country shipping, as we follow an on-demand manufacturing process and create products where they are bought. Instead, we work with a global network of 3D printers so we can offer local delivery in the buyer’s country. We made budgets for Martyna in Australia, Denmark, and France, all 3D printed by local makers.

Nothing is made before it is needed. We use plant-based plastic, thus ensuring net zero emissions.

Don't have a 3D printer or would like to sell your outstanding ideas? Drop us a line here.

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