10 cool things to 3D print this April

10 cool things to 3D print this April

The possibilities of 3D printing are endless. The innovative and novel technology is the perfect way to create something fun and unique for your personal use.

Many people are increasingly turning to 3D printing technology to realize their visions, it is now nearly hard to imagine something that can not be 3D printed.

Yet there are instances when people are stuck for ideas and don't know what to make. Most likely, you are one of them, if you're reading this, don't worry; we'll help you come up with new ideas.

Here are some cool and practical things to 3D print this April:

1. Marble Maze

  • Brainteaser game for kids

  • Great when office boredom strikes

  • A unique addition to the work table

3D printed Marble Maze

Nothing beats a maze game to add some life to your day—look away from work and pick at your mind to find the fastest way out! People of all age groups are going to love this.

2. Kitchen Storage Containers

  • Organize kitchen essentials

  • Easily recognize what you need

  • Personalize to your taste

Kitchen organizers 3D printed
Whether you want to store your sugar, salt, coffee, or tea, a unique storage container can amp up the look and feel of your kitchen. They are easy to make and easier to store.

3. Planters

  • Unique decor item

  • New home for your plants

  • Add a touch of greenery to your home

Plant organizer 3D printed

If you have a green thumb or you want to begin incorporating some greenery into your home, then 3D printed planters are a fantastic choice for spring.

4. Pencil Holder

  • Organize your work/study desk

  • Create one according to your taste

  • Sell as a commissioned product

Pencil Holder 3D printed

No one likes a messy desk, and the best way to keep pens, pencils, and other stationery from cluttering your space is to create your own pencil holder. You can create your design to suit your specific practical and aesthetic needs.

5. Headphone Stand

  • Perfect for gamers

  • Fandom specific

  • Organized gaming station

Headphone stand 3D printed

Don’t you love showing off your loyalty to a fandom? Whether it is Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, or Iron Man, you can 3D print a unique headphone stand to be a great accessory with its pride of place on your desk!

6. Moon Lamp

  • Unique decor item

  • Great gift for friends and family

3D printed moon lamp

Do you love to watch the moon from your window? What if you could have your own, realistic mini-rendition of it in your room? This 3D project is perfect for those who love astronomy or just gazing at the moon at night.

7. Foldable Phone Stand

  • Useful for watching movies or TV shows

  • Take video calls easily

  • Easy to store

Phone stand made with 3D printer

With more content being posted on mobile every day, there is always something new to watch. Give your hands a rest and place your cellphone on this foldable stand while you enjoy your show.

8. Earphone Case

  • Keep your earphones untangled

  • Prevent wire cracking

Earphone case 3D printed

Everyone hates untangling earphone cords. To keep your earphone wires from tangling, this case will keep it well-organized and protected.

9. Measuring Cube

  • Innovative kitchen item

  • Easy to use and store

Measuring Cube 3D printed

Instead of using multiple measuring cups in your kitchen, this unique 3D printed measuring cube is the perfect solution for all your dry ingredients.

10. Fidget Infinity Cube

  • Pastime for kids

  • Office boredom killer

Fidget infinity cube 3D printed

Fidget toys have yet to go out of style. This infinity cube can be folded and unfolded in multiple directions and relieve your stress in a healthy way.

Final Thoughts

Is there something on this list that you’d like to 3D print for yourself? Or do you have an exciting idea that you’d like to come to life in your home or office? Get in touch with Vulkaza here, and we’ll help you get what you want!

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