As an engineer by day, designer by night, AP has always been passionate about solving real world problems in elegant, yet practical ways. With the re-discovered love of 3D-printing, in 2020 he set out on his life's quest of building a more local, more sustainable world of production, which resulted in Vulkaza.

Super excited about finally having a platform to launch his products, he's putting them up here, one by one.

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Intake Screen for Water PumpsIntake Screen for Water Pumps
Intake Screen for Water Pumps
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Voltaire, by Jean-Antoine HoudonVoltaire, by Jean-Antoine Houdon
Voltaire, by Jean-Antoine Houdon
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3 colors available

Dual Color Custom Keychain - 5-packDual Color Custom Keychain - 5-pack
Dual Color Custom Keychain - 5-pack
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