World of Warcraft inspired statues selling on Reddit

World of Warcraft inspired statues selling on Reddit

A 3D designer who's a passionate World of Warcraft gamer got it touch with us to help him bring his ideas to life. Slem has long been fascinated with bridging the gap between digital and physical worlds and 3D printing is exactly the right technology for that.

During his free time Slem designs WoW character inspired statues that he shares with the community on Reddit. It wasn’t long before Slem started receiving orders on Reddit for physical statues and had to find a way to make them a reality. That’s when Slem found Vulkaza.

We have 3D printed statues for Slem’s customers in Norway and the US via our distributed network of makers to a great satisfaction of Slem’s customers. While Slem isn’t focusing on selling his designs at scale, his followers on Reddit simply love the designs, what else people love is that they can chose to buy statues unpainted, so that they can paint it themselves! We’re super excited to be part of this design journey.

3D printing enables designers to bring to life unique and complex shapes using plant-based materials in low quantity reducing the risk of over investing in products that might not be interesting to the customers. Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, Slem could never order just few samples and get them done in less than a couple of days next to his customers.

Who is your favorite character? Vol’jin, Chen Stormstout, Mankrik, Illidan Stormrage or maybe Lord Serpentis. Let us know and we will help to bring your designs to life.
You can find out Slem's designs here:


Don't have a 3D printer or would like to sell your outstanding ideas? Drop us a line here.

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