10 best YouTube channels to learn about 3D printing

10 best YouTube channels to learn about 3D printing

It is undoubtedly worthwhile to learn or sharpen 3D printing skills given that the industry is now one of the most promising and revolutionary ones.

According to statistics, the 3D printing market is predicted to generate $100 billion in revenue by 2028. It indicates monthly growth of 30%. These numbers indicate the genuine potential of being a 3D maker and the kind of income it may bring for you.

As a result, we've made a list of YouTubers that splits into two parts:

  • YouTubers who make educational content;

  • YouTubers who make creative content;


Let’s dive into it!


YouTubers who make educational content

Makers Muse

If you look more closely at this channel, it offers EVERYTHING. From "How to" guides to different hacks and educational material. Their main goal is to empower creativity via technology.


Many tutorials and real-world applications for 3D printing may be found on this channel. Failures in 3D printing and various other intriguing topics will help you understand how 3D printing functions.

Teaching Tech

Michael, the owner of the TeachingTech channel, specializes in creating tutorials and tips on how to 3D model, 3D print, use a CNC machine, and many other things. One of the finest channels for beginners to learn step-by-step about 3D printing, what to expect, and all the benefits and drawbacks can be found in this channel.

3D Now

Well, that’s a channel where you will definitely find A LOT of tutorials for beginners. 3D Now provides educational content, interesting projects, tutorials, product showcases, and reviews. Additionally, they offer a Discord group that you can join at any moment to learn more from people who share similar interests and who will assist you with any issues you might have.


CHEP channel focuses on helping people with 3D printers. How to update printers, ups, and downs, various tricks and etc. This channel is dedicated to advising and providing tactics that everyone may use to be successful with their own 3D printer. Additionally, on occasion, creating unique 3D designs in Tinkercad, along with a little CNC or electronics.

YouTubers who make creative content

Print That Thing

If you're ready to monetize your 3D print design skills this channel is ideal. J-Wall, the proprietor of the channel, is an upbeat filmmaker who aspires to become a skilled 3D print designer. His entire channel's mentality is to turn problems into products.

Make Anything

Devin, the owner of this channel, uses it to record his creations, experiments, and adventures in 3D printing, art, design, and whatever else he chooses to do. Above all, he wants his videos to inspire viewers to exercise their creativity and produce work that alters the world in both significant and minute ways.

Mike Boyd

Here is Mike Boyd's YouTube channel. He chooses a new challenge each month and attempts to complete it as rapidly as possible. The major goal of this content is to motivate subscribers to learn new things as well.

Austen Hartley

Austin's YouTube content is divided into two sections: he discusses business, and how to grow it, while also discussing 3D printing and providing instructional videos in that regard. Therefore, a wonderful channel for people who are prepared to learn 3D printing and launch their own business.

The 3D Print General

The owner of this channel features FDM builds, tips, and lessons. Additionally, he gives all 3D designs for $1. More tutorials can be found on his website.

We could never possibly mention everyone who creates great content for those who are just starting out or who merely want some inspiration and to learn something new because there are simply too many brilliant creators in the 3D printing world. In any case, we hope you found the list useful and have discovered some great creators.


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