Magma Vase
Magma Vase
Magma Vase

Creaserra Studio

Magma Vase

Sale price$22.00 USD

3D-printed using recyclable, plant-based materials. 30-day money-back guarantee.

Color:Matte Black

Magma vase is an exclusive vase from the collection "32 vases" for 3d printing.

A piece that plays and adapts to the shapes and possibilities of 3D printing, ideal for decoration, as well as being a useful vase to place flowers or anything you want. A vase that combines the technological by means of additive manufacturing with the natural by being made of recycled PLA.

This model symbolizes the natural essence of the magma that comes out of volcanoes.

Made of PLA, the vase is water and shock resistant. They can contain soil if you wish to plant but should never be too waterlogged as this can lead to leaks. Avoid nearby heat sources that could melt the vase, sunlight is not a problem.


XL: H:24cm, L:22.2cm, W:22.2cm

M: H:18.5cm, L:17.1cm, W:17.1cm